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Fairy-tale murals

Here at Attitude 2 Art, we specialise in painting fantasy door panels to look like faux book cases customised around the child's favourite toys and books. The panels can then be stuck or screwed on to the back of a flush door. It can be relocated if the family move and is a treasured keepsake to look back in time.

The following is a door panel which was painted for a two year old whose interest was planes, astronauts, books and fairies. One of the books is spelt incorrectly and intentionally, as it is how the little girl pronounces it. On the shelf there is a portrait of her two dogs and also a painting of her picking flowers near the pony. Her family are musical hence the fiddler on the roof on the top shelf. Each piece of work is delicately detailed and hand painted.

Please click on the images for a closer look.

Interested in having a personalised scene for your little one? Please click here to get in touch.

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